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We provide evidence-based behavioral supports, Crimson Heightsis proud to be serving the teens and adult community, schools, and foster programs throughout Utah. 

Funding Coverage

We serve clients with private insurance, clients with self funded coverage, department of human services, and all clients with medicaid coverage. We work collaboratively with each organization to provide the highest quality of services.


Experiential functional skills training can be used for teens and adults who are being treated for autism, ODD, conduct issues, oppositional defiance, grief/loss, trauma, anxiety, depression and related conditions.

Helping Children and Families Thrive

At Crimson Heights, LLC., we are passionate about assisting children, adolescents, and transitioning adults with social, communication, and executive functioning challenges. Our goal is to help them move closer to independence. Our experienced therapists and direct care staff work with various mental health diagnoses, including autism, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, aggression, and substance use. We are well-equipped to provide residential services to children and adolescents under the care of the Department of Human Services.

Programs Offered

We offer two main programs to cater to the needs of our clients:

  1. Combined Mid-Level Mental Health and Behavioral Program
    • For children with moderate and persistent challenges in social, emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric functioning.
    • Includes children exhibiting significant maladaptive behaviors.
  2. Combined High-Level Mental Health and Behavioral Program
    • For children with severe and persistent challenges in social, emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric functioning.
    • Includes children who are a potential danger to themselves or others, exhibit psychotic symptoms, or have acute mood disturbances.

Admission Criteria

To join our programs, children must meet specific criteria. Our Program Manager will work directly with the Division of Child and Family Services to review referrals and determine eligibility. If a child is eligible and a bed is available, we will begin the transition of services. If not, we will inform the Case Manager within two business days, providing a justification for the denial of services.

Service Delivery and Discharge Planning

We ensure comprehensive care by:

  • Developing a service plan tailored to each child.
  • Conducting regular team meetings to review the child’s progress and adjust the plan as needed.
  • Providing training to Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) who work directly with the children.
  • Ensuring that placements do not exceed six months, with goals to reduce behaviors and prepare the child for a lower level of care.

If a child is ready for discharge, we facilitate a smooth transition back home or to a lower level of care, providing aftercare support to ensure continued progress.

Treatment Modalities

Our approach integrates several evidence-based practices to provide holistic care:

  1. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    • Helps children understand their behaviors and develop healthier alternatives.
  2. Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT)
    • Supports children in coping with trauma and reducing maladaptive behaviors.
  3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • Combines cognitive therapeutic techniques with behavior analysis to address behavior change.
  4. Multisystemic Therapy (MST)
    • Addresses the core causes of delinquent and antisocial behavior, working with families and communities to support the child.

Family Engagement

We believe in the importance of family involvement in treatment. Our program includes:

  • Behavioral skills training for parents and caregivers.
  • Regular family and individual therapy sessions.
  • Structured visitation schedules that encourage family participation and support.

Emergency Behavior Management

In case of emergency behaviors, we have a safety plan in place. We use de-escalation techniques and, if necessary, involve the Division of Child and Family Services to ensure the child’s safety and continuation in the program.

Outcome Measures

We track progress through intensive data analysis, focusing on:

  • Successful use of trauma-informed care models.
  • Increased family engagement.
  • Improved coping skills and behavior management.

At Crimson Heights, LLC., we are dedicated to helping children and families achieve their goals and live healthier, more independent lives. 

How does it work

We focus on doing rather than talking. Experience has greater impact for learning.

Experiential therapy emphasizes active engagement over verbal discussion. In this approach, therapists encourage clients to participate in activities that engage both experientially and cognitively, facilitating the processing of emotions and information more effectively.

During or after these activities, therapists provide feedback, while also allowing clients to reflect on and engage with their own feelings and reactions. Many of these therapeutic activities occur outside the traditional office setting, creating diverse environments for emotional and cognitive processing.

a peaceful forest scene with the setting sun casting golden rays through the dense trees, creating long shadows and highlighting the intricate branches.


Experiential training in particular may be helpful for those who struggle with sit down face-to-face interactions with a counselor or functional skills specialist. It can be difficult to build report in a restricted setting, but experiential interventions may help reduce that stress. This was a huge help for my daughter.

Each technique is designed to engage an individual while experiencing the natural environment, thereby helping to ease the process. We seek a different level of innovation to treat and rehabilitate at the highest possible level of functioning. "My son was able to find his passions and develop skills that has moved him closer to independence.

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