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Comprehensive Care

Individual and Family Therapy

In the first sessions, we complete the paperwork, discuss confidentiality, and gather information using a biopsychosocial assessment. The focus of the second session is to gather additional information and identify barriers, goals and objectives.

The third and fourth sessions are typically a time to write down what the focus of therapy will be. This is often called a “Treatment Plan.” The treatment plan will outline what your goals are and what specific objectives you will realize, for example:

Barrier: Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ODD, OCD, DMDD
Goal: Assert my ideas verbally, 3 out 5 opportunities every week for a month.
Objective: When I have an opportunity to verbally assert my ideas at work, I will verbally express my idea while using cognitive defusion strategies to cope with the anxiety.

The Treatment Plan outlines your specific goals, how we will measure them, and what will happen to help you reach them. Also, it will outline environmental factors We will discuss the progress and decide if we need to add goals, change them, or if you want to be done with therapy. Our goal is to help you decide when you can walk with out the crutches, so you can move on with your life.



Experiential treatment focuses on doing rather than talking. Therapists encourage individuals to engage in activities which occupy the mind and body, often allowing the individual to process emotions and information more easily. The therapist may then provide feedback, either during or after treatment, while also allowing the client to engage their own feelings and reactions. Many of these activities take place outside a normal office setting.

Mental Health Services and Autism Services St George Utah
Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA for Children, pre-teens / teens

We are passionate about helping youth and young adults learn the the skills that they need for successful work, community/social, and independent life. Crimson Heights provides hands-on treatment and instruction in the clinic and outdoor community settings. We teach key skills related to executive functioning, social interactions, and communication skills. We offer self-management and social skills training that focuses on independence and self suffiency.

Crimson Heights

Serving the individual is at the center of everything we do!

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